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Deutsche Telekom will deploy 60,000 kilometers of optical cable in 2018
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Deutsche Telekom will deploy 60,000 kilometers ooptical cable in 2018



A report by Telekom Deutschland Points out they plan to deploy 60,000 kilometers of optical cable to ensure that project of FTTH will cover more families.


According to the introduction, the company is expected to  implement a 40,000  km  optical  fiber cable deployment to achieve the goal of  FTTH  Entry at  thebeginning of this year. And the data  also exceeded expectations for the deployment of a 30,000 km fiber-optic cable at the start of this year.


Telekom Deutschland said the deployment of fiber-optic cables would be concentrated in small towns and rural areas next year ensuring a further increase in the coverage of optical fibre household.


Up to now, the length of the optical fiber cable network in Germany has reached 455,000 kilometers.

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