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The new government of the Solomon islands will review the total inclusion of HUAWEI submarine cables
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The new government of the Solomon islands will review the total inclusion of HUAWEI submarine cables


The new government of the Solomon islands will review a contract for the construction of submarine optical cable linking the Solomon islands to the rest of the world in July 2017 for HUAWEI, a Chinese equipment supplier.


Peter Shanel, the current Minister of transportation, revealed that the Australian government had provided cable extension services to the provisional regime in the Solomon islands earlier this week. Peter Shanel said, "when the new government takes office next week, I may submit a cabinet document to review our agreement and our commitment to HUAWEI, and to see Australia's offer."


In July 2017, the Government and the submarine cable company (SISC) in the Solomon islands conferred the general contract to HUAWEI, but then the Australian government refused to issue the system landing permit for safety reasons.


It is reported that the 3400 kilometer submarine cable will be extended from Sydney to Honiara. The design capacity of the two optical fibers is 2.5Tbps. The original plan of the system was put into use in early 2019, including an internal optical fiber systems that hit the Solomon islands, connecting the western province Noro and Malay click with Auki,capitalHoniara. And the total length of the system is 600 kilometers, and another area operators may use the branch line.

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