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Huazhi test becomes TüV Rhine accredited laboratory
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Huazhi test becomes TüV Rhine accredited laboratory

Recently, Jiang Su Hua east intelligent cable testing co., ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as huazhi testing ) was awarded by Rhine technology ( Shanghai ) co., ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Rhine Shanghai" ) tü v Rhine accredited cooperative laboratory certificate, and on December 27, held a certification ceremony in far east holding group co., ltd.. The certification approved testing content includes 22 wire and cable products, 180 testing items.

Hua zhi detection general manager Jiang Huayuan, and Hua zhi detection shareholders far east intelligent energy co., ltd. ( stock abbreviation: intelligent energy stock code: 600869 ) investors, vice chairman of intelligent energy, chief executive Jiang huajun, Investor, vice chairman of intelligent energy, senior consultant, dean of technical research institute, executive director of huazhi testing Wang chuanbin, investor, deputy general manager of intelligent energy and senior vice general manager of far east cable Zhu changbiao, investor, senior director of intelligent energy and head of quality management Li Lin, investor, assistant director of intelligent energy quality management Zhang Chunmei, investors, intelligent energy quality management department, deputy director of product certification engineer Zhou Xu cheese and other attended the certification ceremony. 

Innovis detection company made CMA certification in March 2016, the company to quality as the center, to develop as the key to scientific and standardized, fair and accurate approach, and constantly improve the management system, strengthen the laboratory hardware and software construction, continuously strengthen the quality supervision and management system of skill training and the inspection agency inspection personnel of the laboratory, at the level of detection technology management and inspection have been greatly improved.

TüV Rhine in its authority in the industry certification and testing and acceptance, especially Shanghai's influence in the Yangtze River Delta region, become innovis testing company choice, after obtaining the qualification, photovoltaic, robot cable related certification test can be carried out directly by the test equipment through the test of innovis testing company, to be issuing so, authentication test can effectively shorten the project cycle, improve the service quality and customer authentication efficiency, promote the development of improved test.

TüV Rhine is Germany's biggest product safety and quality certification, reputation in the world third party inspection agency in high, has a certain authority, China products to enter the foreign market, must pass the certification authority of the internationally recognized. With the popularity and influence of Rhine T industry V, innovis detection cable detection technology company will strive for further improvement, Rhine Shanghai also hope that through the successful cooperation and innovis testing company, providing testing, inspection and more professional services for local enterprises.

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