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technology-driven develops flourishingly Xiangtan high-tech zone enterprises have great development potential
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technology-driven develops flourishingly Xiangtan high-tech zone enterprises have great development potential

In December, machinery manufacturing industry orders generally reduced, the production pressure is greatly reduced, but the xianglan high-tech zone hualing cable is very busy, workers often work overtime, to catch orders around the country.

The heat of hualing cable is closely connected with scientific and technological innovation. The company 's technical research and development personnel told us that due to the early Xi 'an metro line 3 " problem cable" exposure, resulting in the wire and cable industry reshuffle, a number of substandard products were eliminated. However, as a " national brand" enterprises, hualing cable always take technology and quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, through technological innovation to continuously improve the quality of products.


Through the training of talents, we see the company culture of hualing cable.

Hualing cable in 2016 to carry out a total of 76 projects, the annual distribution of scientific and technological personnel project award, patent award, profit Commission award and other awards more than 870 thousand yuan; In 2017, a total of 242 r & d projects were carried out by enterprises, and the award is expected to reach more than 700,000 yuan.

It is through the attention of talent, hualing cable technology achievement conversion rate has been maintained at more than 70 %.

The company " aerospace multi-faceted irradiation technology key technology and its application"," super high voltage large cross section overhead conductor" " mining high flame retardant cable industrialization" and other technologies, has won the national scientific and technological achievements award.

" new mine underground equipment with twisted high flame retardant cable development"," marine engineering umbilical" and " aerospace light conductor" and other technologies, won the provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements and awards.

 Last year, hualing cable high-tech products worth 900 million yuan, this year is expected to reach 1 billion yuan. More surprisingly, profits are expected to double this year than last year. " technology leadership brings orders, benefits, and drives r & d, so the company has entered a virtuous circle with a particularly strong growth momentum," said Hua ling, head of cable. "

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