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The state grid is negotiating a 20 per cent stake in Germany 's 50 hertz
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The state grid is negotiating a 20 per cent stake in Germany 's 50 hertz

China 's state grid corporation is in talks to acquire a 20 per cent stake in 50 hertz transmission gmbh, one of Germany 's four largest transmission operators.

On December 14, the European Elias system operator announced the news. Through a 60 / 40 joint venture with IFM investors eurogrid international scrl, Elias shares 50 hertz with IFM. In a statement, Elijah said the IFM was in talks to sell half of the 40 per cent stake in the joint venture to China national grid or its subsidiaries.


The IMF noted that once formally confirmed, it would review the proposed transaction and its modalities as soon as possible.

50 hertz is an active transmission system operator in northern and eastern Germany. The company is responsible for sending electricity from Germany 's Baltic wind farm to the land grid.

As of the first half of 2017, 102 offshore wind turbines were deployed and connected in the Baltic sea, with a total installed capacity of 339 MW. According to Germany 's windguard report, there are 33 units with a total of 167 megawatts of capacity that have not yet been connected to the grid.

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