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Grid - connected generation of the world 's largest floating photovoltaic power station
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Grid - connected generation of the world 's largest floating photovoltaic power station

On December 10, learned from the China Yangtze river three Gorges group co., ltd., China three Gorges new energy company in Huainan 150 MW water floating photovoltaic project formally grid-connected power generation, this is the world 's largest water floating photovoltaic power plant grid-connected power generation project.


Lu Chun, chairman of China 's three Gorges group, said that surface photovoltaic is a new exploration of the development of new energy, this time the first layout of surface photovoltaic in Huainan, in order to explore effective measures to reduce the cost of manufacturing and operation and maintenance costs, for the national promotion of surface photovoltaic experience and technical standards.

It is said that compared with traditional photovoltaic power plants, floating photovoltaic power plants to install photovoltaic power generation components on the surface of the floating body, has the advantages of not occupying land resources, reducing water evaporation, floating body blocking sunlight to inhibit algae growth and so on.

The project is located in panji district, Huainan city, Anhui province, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. all grid-connected power generation is planned to be realized in may 2018, and the annual power generation is about 150 million degrees after completion.

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