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Israel unveiled its first solar bidding planTarget 1.6 GW
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Israel unveiled its first solar bidding planTarget 1.6 GW


According to the Globe reported that the Israeli government has approved a new plan, three years increased 1.6 gw of solar power, mainly solar roof.

The policy, launched by Yuval Steinitz, Minister of energy and infrastructure, aims to increase the capacity of Israel to generate electricity to meet the country's renewable energy targets. Rooftop solar quotas will be divided into two categories: small residential photovoltaic facilities and large roofed commercial projects. The capacity of large roofing projects will be tendering by the public utilities administration, which will be the first time in Israel to carry out the auction.

Small roof PV installation projects do not invite public bidding. They will get a fixed price on the net.

The public utilities agency says the contract period for small and large roofed power plants and ground installation facilities will be fixed for 20 to 25 years.

Israel has developed a total of 10% of renewable energy production by 2020, but currently only 3% of renewable energy is generated. The capacity of the project at present is 700 megawatts.

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