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High speed rail cable Jiangsu manufacturing Breaking foreign technical blockade with independent innovation
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High speed rail cable Jiangsu manufacturing   Breaking foreign technical blockade with independent innovation

In the past, the construction of high speed railway in China is the railway signal cable of the French UM71; today, Wang Zichun, chairman of the Jiangsu East strong Limited by Share Ltd, led the team's independent innovation. The research and development of high performance railway digital signal cables not only break through foreign enterprises' technical monopoly, but also invest hundreds of millions of yuan for national railway construction every year.

Wang Zichun, the chairman of Jiangsu East strong Limited by Share Ltd, said that the staff worked 24 hours at night, 3 hours, 5 hours, 16 hours, reduced the constant constant, reduced the electric dissolution and reduced the attenuation, thus achieving the long-distance transmission request.


Then, the prince took home the pure "two national prize for progress in science and technology, to obtain such a heavyweight awards, also let Wang Zichun become more aware of the significance of technological innovation for enterprises. Since 2013, the company has invested 150 million yuan for the development of special cable projects for aluminum alloy. In October this year, a high-performance data cable developed by Dong Qiang company lasted two years. The transmission frequency broke through the high frequency 2G Hertz, which increased the original transmission speed by nearly 7 times. The product not only filled the domestic blank, but also its core technology is at the leading level in the world. Now, under the guidance of Wang Zichun, the company has formed an innovative mechanism and culture, and has developed into a state key high-tech enterprise.

Wang Zichun said that every year, more than 6 new products are appraised through the provincial level. Every railway main line in the country has a railway signal cable which is strong in the East. The product is 12 meters per 100 meters, which is the product of Dong Qiang company.

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