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Prysmian launched a new solution to prevent submarine cables from being damaged
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Prysmian launched a new solution to prevent submarine cables from being damaged


Prysmian has found a new solution to avoid cable damage. And minimize the downtime cost and time of failure up to the hilt. The Power Link cable solution is a service that can provide a whole set of cloud based systems.


Power Link cable solutions provide all-weather wireless monitoring cable. There are skillful technicians who will be responsible for reading and interpreting those collected data. Prysmian has established a marine base equipped with the tools and facilities required for complete maintenance intervention. 


The base is located in Middlesbrough, England. And it is equipped with semi-mobile DP ship and shallow water barges, and a special fleet of storage and management spares. The base is responsible for the project by a permanent   engineering and marine installation team.

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