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The last fossil fuel power plant in Sweden will be transformed by 2020
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The last fossil fuel power plant in Sweden will be transformed by 2020

The united power station Malarenergi , which is located in Vasteras of Northwest Stockholm, aims to convert fuel and coal-fired power into electricity without fossil fuels by 2020.


Jens Neren, the head of the Malarenergi fuel supply. Said that “ This is a combustible material for us. Our goal is to use renewable and regenerated fuels only. ”


Sweden has almost achieved zero emission power systems in those hydraulic, nuclear and wind power plants. But some local municipal authorities still use coal and oil to heat homes and offices in the cold winter. As a result, as the largest economy in Northern Europe, the Swedish government plans to phase out its last fossil fuel use plants by transforming old factories by the end of 2020.


An agreement was reached by Malarenergi and adjacent Eskilstuna, that is burning garbage, some of which comes from H&M’s central warehouse in the same city.


Johanna Dahl, the director of Sweden H & M communications, said via email: "H & m doesn’t burn any clothing that can be safely used. However, it is our legal obligation to identify clothing that contains mold or to destroy those clothes that do not conform to our strict limits on chemicals. "


According to the reports, Vasteras plant has been burned about 15 tons of discarded clothing for H&M so far in 2017. Malarenergi trades with several neighboring cities, receiving garbage and even importing waste from Britain in order to supply oil for its main boilers.


The facility, which supplies power to about 150,000 households, burned 650,000 tons of coal when it peaked in 1996.


Last Tuesday, the last coal ship docked in Vasteras, to provide fuel for the remaining two fossil fuel generators of 1960s. And there is enough fuel to be supplied until 2020. On that occasion, a new wood burning boiler will be added to replenish existing biofuels and waste burning facilities. 

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